Water is an essential life-giving liquid and a universal solvent. It constitutes 60 per cent of the human body, 90 per cent of human blood and 71 per cent of the planet. If you are drinking 4 litres of water a day, benefits are many. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking at least three litres of water a day. 

Clear Glowing Skin

Everybody wants clear and glowing skin. Drinking a good amount of water every day helps to not only hydrate your skin barrier but also flush out the bacteria. The bacteria are usually present deep underneath the surface of the skin. It is this bacterium that causes acne. Other factors like your diet, stress, pollution and oil secretion also trigger acne. Water can be a great saviour when it comes to dehydration and stress. 

Improves Immune System

Drinking 4 litres of water a day benefits you in multiple ways, like ensuring that your blood is carrying plenty of oxygen to all the cells in your body. Your immune system requires something known as lymph to carry water and nutrients to your blood cells.

Removes Kidney Stones and General Sicknesses

If you regularly fall sick, then drinking three litres of water can definitely help you. This is because water can help clear allergies, fight infections, and significantly reduce the size of kidney stones. On regular consumption of 3-4 litres of water, you can completely get rid of kidney stones and avoid surgery as well. 

Weight Loss Improvements

Drinking a few glasses of water before a meal can curb your appetite. So, it helps you devoid your body of calories or reduce the calorie intake tremendously. This will result in natural weight loss. Most commonly people mistake dehydration for hunger and end up eating more than what their body requires. You can start by drinking 500 ml of water before each meal.  

Prevent Muscle Cramps

Oftentimes women look for ways to naturally curb the abdominal cramps during their menstrual cycle. Also, during the cramps, it is possible for women to experience a mineral deficiency or even an electrolyte imbalance. The main reason for both of those causes is the lack of water intake. Menstrual cycles make your muscles contract more than usual, so drinking 3-4 litres of water during this time will give you good relief. 

Smooth Bowel Movements

Drinking 3-4 litres of water every day with good fibre intake aids digestion and eventually helps the body to smoothly remove waste. People experiencing constipated bowel incontinence can be cured by drinking water again.  Adding lemon and honey to your morning glass of warm water will also help your body in digestion throughout the day and prevent bloating as well. 

Good water intake increases physical and mental performance, gives you energy for the entire day and prevents headaches as well. Drinking 4 litres of water a day benefits in flushing out harmful toxins and bacteria and that is confined within your system. Water basically is the most important ingredient if you are looking forward to detoxifying your system. Studies prove that by drinking 3-4 litres of water, you help the kidneys to get rid of all the harmful toxins and waste that have been deposited for long. The toxins further pass through the liver through water and eventually exit the system.

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